NBC Sports Gold – Is it worth it?

NBC Sports decided to offer a premium subscription service for the Premier League 17/18 season. If your match isn’t being played on national television, you are now forced to purchase the NBC Sports Gold subscription in order to watch. 

Here’s the big question – Is it worth it?

I was skeptical and attempted the less conventional streaming methods at the beginning of the season. After attempting to watch two matches in the worst quality, I decided to go for it.

NBC Sports Gold is offered at a flat rate of $49.99 at the beginning of the season. This allows you to stream all matches that are not nationally televised. Furthermore, it will give you access to all the extras such as Premier League News, Fanzone, and a couple other features. 

When you take into account how many games throughout the season will not be televised, there’s no question about it. However annoying the new premium subscription structure may be, it is a must have for avid fans. 




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